The Nikhef program for the ATLAS experiment in LHC at CERN.

    • ATLAS Exploitation

      Activities/developments required for the running ATLAS experiment

      • MROD_S2

        MROD with addidional S-link interface.

      • MuCtPi2Topo

        Muon detector Central Trigger Processor to Topology trigger communicatiopn module.
        It couples the Muondetector trigger data to the topology trigger

      • Rasnik Framegrabber

        Development of a new framegrabber to replace the present PC's including the obsolete PCI framegrabber hardware.

      • ROBinNP

        The ROBinNP (ReadOut Buffer input No-Processor) is the development Nikhef contributed to during the upgrade program for the ROS (ReadOut System) Generation III.
        It is the current LHC Run-2 (2014-2017) DAQ system.

    • FELIX

      The FELIX (FrontEnd LInk eXchange) is the data acquisition system for the ATLAS NSW and MDT after the HL-LHC upgrade

  • Cosmic rays/ Astro-Particle-Physics

    Km3net and related activities in Km3Net Program

  • Detector R&D

    R&D projects, mission budget

  • Hazard dataBase (HazarDB)

    Database for Safety department

  • Rabbit_FX

    An FMC board that enables the White Rabbit timing capability

  • SoC Zynq educational Lab

    Demonstration of a System on Chip based on a Z-turn board

  • Wupper

    Wupper is an OpenCores project to provide a simple Direct Memory Access (DMA) interface to the Xilinx Virtex-7 PCIe Gen3 hard block.

  • Virgo

    Gravitational Wave detection experiment near Pisa in Italy.

  • LHCb

    The Nikhef program for the LHCb experiment for LHC at CERN.

    • SciFi

      Development of the Scintilating Fiber Detector for LHCb.

    • VeloUpgrade

      The upgraded VELO-detector has to operate at a ten times higher instantaneous luminosity than the nominal LHCb value and at a considerably closer distance to the beams than the present VELO. It has been decided that the VELO-Upgrade detector will consist of 52 double-sided modules, with 4 pixel sensors each. The installation of the VELO-Upgrade detector is scheduled for early 2020. The LHCb group of Nikhef has taken the responsibility for optimizing the design VELO-Upgrade module and to construct 50% of them....

    • Velo_SPIDR

      High speed test-readout system for the VeloPix chip.


    Nikhef project for high-schools to measure Cosmic ray's and share data.

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