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Name Nikhef Project number Public Description Tags
Generic redmine0Yes
ITS Upgrade43600Yes
InnerTracker DAQ43600Yes
ATLAS38000YesThe Nikhef program for the ATLAS experiment in LHC at CERN.
ATLAS Exploitation38000YesActivities/developments required for the running ATLAS experiment
MROD_S238430YesMROD with addidional S-link interface.
MuCtPi2Topo38440YesMuon detector Central Trigger Processor to Topology trigger communicatiopn module. It couples the Muondetector trigger data to the topology trigger
ROBinNP38410YesThe ROBinNP (ReadOut Buffer input No-Processor) is the development Nikhef contributed to during the upgrade program for the ROS (ReadOut System) Generation III. It is the current LHC Run-2 (2014-2017) DAQ system.
FELIX38420YesThe FELIX (FrontEnd LInk eXchange) is the data acquisition system for the ATLAS NSW and MDT after the HL-LHC upgrade
Cosmic rays/ Astro-Particle-Physics45000YesKm3net and related activities in Km3Net Program
CHROMIUM46500YesNeutrino detector on the path of the LBNF (Long Baseline Neutrino Facility)
km3net test agile0Yes
PMT Base45000YesPMT base generic items
Hamamatsu base45000YesPMT base for Hamamatsu PMT's
PMT base IC's46330YesFor the PMT base 2 ASIC's have been designed. Documents, status and stock information can be found here.
WR calibration (ASTERICS)46400YesTools and methods to calibrate White Rabbit devices
Detector R&D0YesR&D projects, mission budget
EMPIR-WRITE40560YesWhite Rabbit Industrial Timing Enhancement: 1. To develop improved and scalable calibration techniques for PTP-WR fibre links. 2. To develop and test techniques for redundant and resilient time transfer to industrial end users. 3. To develop a next generation of PTP-WR devices with improved performance and adapted interfacing to industrial applications. ...DR&D
SPIDR; SPeeDy Pixel Readout module.40101Yesh3. Timepix3 and Medipix3 readout system. The module can reoudout single- and quad-chip pixelfront-end modules via 1 and 10Gbps ethernet directly connected to a PC or laptop. Documentation and WIKI Issue Tracker...DR&D
Internship Projects0YesProjects, data of interns/students can be posted here. Connection to repos can be made. Add a sub project for each student/project.
ADC DAQ educational lab0Yes
Hazard dataBase (HazarDB)12000YesDatabase for Safety department
Nikhef Embedded Platform40101YesMoet Guido nog invullengeneric
Rabbit_FX0YesAn FMC board that enables the White Rabbit timing capability
SoC Zynq educational Lab0YesDemonstration of a System on Chip based on a Z-turn board
Wupper0YesWupper is an OpenCores project to provide a simple Direct Memory Access (DMA) interface to the Xilinx Virtex-7 PCIe Gen3 hard block.
Virgo47100YesGravitational Wave detection experiment near Pisa in Italy.
Phase Camera47150Yes
LHCb39000YesThe Nikhef program for the LHCb experiment for LHC at CERN.
SciFi39600YesDevelopment of the Scintilating Fiber Detector for LHCb.
Velo_SPIDR39612YesHigh speed test-readout system for the VeloPix chip.
CO2-PLC0YesThe CO2 cooling PLC
HiSPARC40092YesNikhef project for high-schools to measure Cosmic ray's and share data.

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