White Rabbit for Industrial Timing Enhancement


The purpose of this project is to elevate White Rabbit to a level suitable for industrial applications.
The official WRITE website can be found here.

Nikhef participates in Work Packages 1 and 3, described below.

WP1: Scalable calibration techniques for PTP WR fibre links

With respect to WP1 information ca be found on White Rabbit Calibration.

WP3: Improving the performance of White Rabbit

For WP3 a new SPEC design is created (see SPEC7) This design aims for ultra low phase noise.
A pre-study is made to learn about the noise floor of various components (oscillators, ZYNQ FPGA, PLLs etc.) to be selected. Read more about the ZYNQ Phase Noise Test Board



Date Event
01-06-18 Start of project
27-11-18 Added sub-project wiki for Phase Noise Test Board

Last updated: 27 Nov 2018

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