MROD module status

Many MROD modules are in use, some are spare, some suspect or broken.
The definition of "suspect" is that a module is exchanged because an issue had occurred. This does not automatically mean that the module is broken; often these modules pass testing and no issues seem to apply.

The table tries to keep track of the spare, suspect and broken modules and their locations.

Detailed module history is kept in a log file (p:\Atlas\Atlas_MROD\MROD_X\MROD_X\Tests\TestLogOfProdSer_Module37_264\MROD_X_TestLogET38405_01_05_V2_Modules_37_264.doc).

Tables below last updated 06-06-2016:

(p) playground; (s) stock; (h) returned by henk 2016/2017:

Modules in Amsterdam:

Okay Okay (2nd choice; boot problem once)
121 (p) 060 (p)
130 (p) 086 (s)
131 (s) 154 (s)
132 (s) 195 (p)
134 (p) 227 (p)
136 (p)
148 (s)
150 (p)
155 (p)
164 (p)
165 (p)
188 (p)
239 (s)
244 (s)
260 (s)

Modules to repair?:

Fail Cause
050 (h) Boot problem (needs re-test)
081 (s) FPGA config
087 (h) fails GOL-TTC test and MRODOUT reset
122 (h) Reset problem
183 (s) ZBT errors
187 (h) “weird behaviour”
217 (s) Boot problem (needs re-test)
262 (s) Boot problem (needs re-test)

Modules failing (i.e. broken):

Fail Cause
056 (s) Boot problem loose ball
204 (h) RocketIO problem

Modules shipped to Cern:

Okay when
132 25-08-2016
148 25-08-2016
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