Links to ROS Gen III and RobinNP collaboration pages

NOTE: most of those pages have restricted access to Atlas users or selective permissions.
Contact me ( for more information.

Nikhef's contribution to this project

  1. Development of the Buffer Memory Controller for the RobinNP FPGA
  2. Contribution to the overall firmware implementation and testing
  3. Initial debugging and testing of the CRORC DDR memory interfaces
  4. Planning of the production testing of the CRORC cards
  5. Installation and commissioning of the ROS Gen III in USA15

ROS links

This is the ReadOut System as a whole: i.e. a PC with PCIe cards

  1. Project mailing list
  2. SharePoint link
  3. SVN web repo link

RobinNP links

This is the PCIe card used in the ROS

  1. Twiki documentation link
  2. Nikhef contribution on the Buffer Memory Controller link
  3. SVN web repo link
  4. JIRA bug tracker link

CRORC links

This is the hardware platform used as a final RobinNP module.
It had been originally developed by Heiko Engel in Frankfurt for the Alice project.

  1. Documentation site link
  2. GIT hub for Alice firmware and application software development link
  3. Device Driver development link

Contact Heiko ( for more information.

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