Internal links

  1. A page dedicated to describing our playground: Atlas_setup_in_H148
  2. A page dedicated to describing the optical connections in our playground: Optical_Patches_Atlas_TDAQ_Lab
  3. Location of various useful shared resources:
  • firmware swap area: /project/et/Atlas/Atlas_DAQ/Felix/
  • hardware documentation: /project/et/Atlas/Atlas_DAQ/Felix/FPGA_devkits
  • staging firmware checkouts on build servers (piedra and oste): /localstore/username/FELIX
  • shared spaces for compiling firmware (not backed-up): /data/et/your_username
  • shared software tools:
    • Jos' procedure to use locally installed TDAQ, LCG, and Qt software:
    • pointers to Qt software: /data/atlas/tdaq/qt551/ [from Henk]
    • pointers to Qt software: /project/atlas/tdaq/qtXX/ [from Jos]
    • pointers to Python software: /project/atlas/tdaq/anacondaY/ [from Jos]
    • pointers to Gcc compiler: /project/atlas/tdaq/tdaq611/sw/lcg/contrib/gcc/4.9.3/
    • pointers to Evil TDAQ stuff: /project/atlas/tdaq/lcg84
  • software tools from GIT repository (Andrea's location): /project/atlas/daq/felix
  1. The shared user for accessing the playground is: daqmustud
  2. The shared user for accessing the playground is: daqmuon [used mostly by Jos and Henk]

External links

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Links to external documentation:
  1. Twiki:
  2. Twiki for users:
  3. Bug tracker:
  4. But tracker for users:
  5. Agenda page:
  6. SharePoint:
  7. Distribution website:
  8. SVN Repository:
  9. GIT Repository:
  10. Jenkins Continuous Integration:
  11. Developers mailing list:
  12. Users mailing list:
  13. E-groups: as the mailing list names

Agile development and DevOps

  1. slack channel:

/Localstore policy

Here is a set of simple rules to keep the local disks healthy and clean.
This is especially important to avoid unexpected disk fills (on piedra above all).

  1. nothing valuable should be kept on any machine's localstore!
  2. developers have their folder under /localstore/developer_name
    • every developer should try to keep his/her folder clean
  3. guests should have a folder created under /localstore/daqmustud/guest_name
  4. students should have their own folder /localstore/student_name
  5. FELIX tests with tools like fdaq should (must) be run in /localstore/felix_tests/
    • again valuable results should be moved right away
    • this folder should get wiped once a month or two
  6. all other folders should be deleted once a year (say before Christmas)

Internal experimentation

Different multiplexer strategies resource utilization

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